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Catching the trade winds

Posted by Nigel Warren on

Trading on the international stage brings rewards from diverse markets, though careful planning is required if those new found profits are not to be consumed by unforeseen taxes and penalties. It is perfectly legitimate for companies to engage ...

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Head in the sand on UK GAAP

Head in the sand on UK GAAP?

Posted by Fleur Lewis on

For accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2015 a new accounting standard FRS 102 is in place for medium and large companies. This standard replaces all existing UK accounting standards. In the short term small companies can continue ...

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Pam Tuckett, Partner at Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants in Plymouth

AGM and statutory registers reminder

Posted by Pam Tuckett on

The Companies Act 2006 requires all academies to keep various statutory registers. A register of members, register of directors and register of secretaries must be kept and access must be provided when required. The register of members, in ...

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