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Landlords face new tax threat from local authorities

Posted by Gary Mackley-Smith on

Buy-to-let landlords who rent out their properties to students could face new charges from local authorities keen to raise revenue. Liverpool council is looking into ways of making private student landlords pay business rates on their ...

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Successful exits for owner managers

Posted by David Abbott on

Bishop Fleming’s proud track record of advising business owners on preparation and execution of successful exit strategies has continued this summer. Engineering services group Costain PLC recently announced its £17m acquisition of Simulation ...

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Reasons for ongoing optimism

Posted by James Finnegan on

High deal activity continues… In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, there has been inevitable uncertainty among UK businesses. However, this has thankfully not translated into reduced corporate deal flow. We have seen continued fundraising, ...

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Charities at financial risk

Posted by Peter Barretto on

The Charity Commission has published the results of its first review of charities it considers to be in financial difficulty. The commission identified 94 charities with a modified audit report as part of their review. Of those identified, 5 ...

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HMRC reveals top errors on Gift Aid claims

Posted by Jon Sparkes on

Gift Aid is reportedly worth more than £125 million to the charity sector, so it is an important source of fundraising to many charities. As charities who make claims will know, the process of claiming Gift Aid can be an administrative burden. ...

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Sharing out the Apple pie

Posted by Nigel Warren on

Apple has been ordered to pay €13bn (£11bn) in tax to the Irish government by the European Commission, which has ruled that the Silicon Valley company’s Irish tax arrangements amounted to illegal state aid. The Commission has said that the ...

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Tax avoidance measures raise £3 billion

Posted by Bishop Fleming on

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has collected £3bn from Advance Payment Notices (APNs), the mechanism by which taxpayers who have used a tax planning scheme with which HMRC has an issue have to pay the disputed tax in advance of their affairs ...

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