Kreston Academies Benchmark Report 2017

Welcome to the Kreston Academies Benchmark Report 2017.

Our benchmark report is now in its sixth year and this year it covers over 600 schools responsible for the education of over 300,000 children. There are more Multi Academy trusts than ever before and they continue to grow, with more schools and more income. It is worth nothing that over 50 schools joined our MATS on 1 September 2016, so the growth continues immediately beyond this report, which is based on financial accounts to 31 August 2016.

The aim of the Academies Benchmark Report is to help Business Managers, Head Teachers and Trustees to understand the trends and the impact they have on each academy or Multi Academy Trust (MAT). This is done through comparing their own performance to other academies of a similar size and structure, both in the current and preceding years.

The Kreston Academies Benchmark Report 2017 has been prepared using the financial statements of all the academies audited by the Kreston UK Charities and Education Group, for the period ended 31 August 2016 .

Education is all about the desire to learn and benchmarking can assist anyone who wants to learn more about how their academy trust is performing. We continue to be passionate about the academy sector and hope that the contents of this year’s report help you to improve your academy trust.

Kreston Academies Benchmark Report 2017 Team

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