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Bishop Fleming has already submitted successful claims for Research and Development (R&D) relief in excess of £120m in the past five years.

We have considerable knowledge and expertise in the Research and Development market and understand how to use the rules to maximise the claim. It is often surprising for what expenditure claims can be made. Business costs that would otherwise simply be written off could actually be increased for tax relief purposes, resulting in a substantially reduced corporation tax bill, or even a tax repayment to help fund further development.

Government figures show that companies who have claimed Research and Development relief have recouped on average around £40,000 in tax. Using a professional firm such as Bishop Fleming that has already submitted numerous successful claims on behalf of clients can therefore make a great deal of business sense if you wish to augment your relief.

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Partnering with us gives you a competitive advantage.

At Bishop Fleming we believe in building strong, enduring relationships with our clients to ensure they benefit from an open and ongoing connection. A good long-term business relationship brings clarity, efficiency and added value.

As well as our R&D expertise, our wealth of knowledge and experience does not stop there. We can advise on a vast range of business and tax issues. Having a look around the rest of our website will give you a flavour of other areas where we can help.

How much will it cost?

We base our fees on an agreed percentage of the tax benefit we are able to generate for you. So if there is no benefit, there is no fee.

How long will it take?

From the initial meeting and gathering information to the preparation of the report and its submission to HMRC, Bishop Fleming manage the whole process with a professional and transparent approach, keeping you informed at all stages of the process. We will liaise with HMRC to ensure its approval of your claim, such approval normally taking around 4 weeks from submission.

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