COVID-19 - Should we still hold trust board and committee meetings?

The business of governance and all its requirements are still in place, despite the challenges of school closures.

  • Check your articles of association to see if telephone meetings are permitted (they are in the standard models) and do your very best to keep to the schedules in place.
  • Stick with critical matters – in current circumstances it is deemed appropriate for non-urgent business to be delayed
  • Concentrate on business critical decisions (e.g. budget approval, ratifying school leadership appointments etc.)
  • Monitoring how the school is continuing to provide care for children who are vulnerable, children with ECHP plans the children of key workers, associated risks, issues etc.
  • Any issues arising from how the building is currently being used and remote working for staff
  • Support being given to parents and carers to help them educate their children at home
  • Monitoring the wellbeing and welfare of pupils, staff and stakeholders
  • Monitor how the school is continuing to provide the care and services required to meet government guidelines
  • Skype/WhatsApp/Facetime and other means are all available to allow “virtual” meetings to see and hear the other parties
  • Don’t forget to include the clerk in these, as record of meetings is still required and that any decisions are legal
  • Ensure those who are able to be included make the meeting quorate
  • The NGA have produced some helpful guidance found here 


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